Whitetail Buck:


Born: 2010

DNAS#: 94109

Gladiator XL - Texas Whitetail Buck - Rockstar Whitetails Gladiator XL - Texas Whitetail Buck - Rockstar Whitetails

Maxbo XL

DNA#: 24298


DNA#: 73791


DNA#: 945

JRV Buddy Doe

DNA#: 24290

Gladiator II

DNA#: 15201

Purple 302

DNA#: 10164


DNA#: 611

Yellow 27

DNA#: 18817


DNA#: 2926

LY 141



DNA#: 12190


DNA#: 9652

Mighty Mouse Son


LB 06

DNA#: 10156

Score - 392 7/8" @ 3

WORLD RECORD!! 295 7/8" Typical Main Frame, 39 6/8" Inside

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  • Gladiator XL 02
  • Gladiator XL 03
  • Gladiator XL 04
  • Gladiator XL 05
  • Gladiator XL 06
  • Gladiator XL 07
  • Gladiator XL 08
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He has the look. He has the frame. He also has the pedigree! This is basically perfection in a 2yr old buck! How many 2yr olds have you ever seen that are this wide, that have an 8x7 main frame and have multiple breeder bucks out of his sire and the dam? For a 2yr old to have this look and also have this many inches is almost unheard of! Gladiator XL has the potential to reach superstar status at an early age. Anyone serious about breeding knows how powerful Maxbo XL and Gladiator II are but, what makes this buck special is his mother and grandmother. 846 also has a womb brother named Gladiators Reign that is a breeder buck. Adding to that she has another 1/2 sister (same mother, Purple 302) that has a 300"+ 3yr old on the ground as well! Purple 302 is a daughter out of a Mighty Mouse son. We all know how strong that TX line is and it is obvious when you look at the pass down we are seeing through her and her daughters. This pedigree is loaded with production and big names. If you are serious about growing big framed deer that look awesome you need Gladiator XL in your herd!